You process the precious metals, we recover them

From solar cells to electronic components – precious metals are used in a wide range of manufacturing processes. The production residue, however, is unable to be re-used as the metals are mixed with other materials, including hazardous substances. It is a highly complex task to separate the precious metals from these other materials – not only because the purity level of the recovered precious metals must be as high as possible but also because the hazardous substances must be treated with extra special care. Stringent safety standards, for example, must be adhered to throughout all stages of the treatment process.

Services for the precious metal processing industry

Our group develops bespoke disposal and recycling solutions for businesses processing precious metals that meet their exact requirements. We use state-of-the-art technology to recover the precious metals, such as gold and silver, from a wide range of waste materials. Moreover, we have been issued accreditation confirming that we are able to treat hazardous waste using environmentally sound and legally compliant processes. All this is reflected in our extensive portfolio of services put together to cover the diverse needs of this industry. We treat for example:

  • Cleaning cloths, paste residue as well as contaminated packaging from solar cell manufacturers and companies producing electronic components
  • Paint and paste residue from glass and mirror producers
  • Electroplating solutions and slag from treating surfaces
  • Paper and cardboard from printing businesses and the packaging industry
    • Precious metal recovery: a variety of material streams

      Different types of input material must undergo different types of processes – starting with the way it is delivered, all the way through to the way the precious metals are recovered. We have put together a description of the process stages used for a number of materials relevant to your industry. This list of input materials is by no means complete – it merely aims to provide a few examples.

    Input material (a selection)

Fair payment guaranteed

  • We place huge importance on running a business that is both transparent and fair. Each individual stage of the process is documented in detail – all the way through to the final recovery stage and payment procedure – and, if you want, you can visit us to see exactly how we work. We are also able to take samples of your materials at your business whenever you wish – either as a random test or to check each and every batch. If you wish, we can also provide you with written proof of all the analysis results in addition to the consignment collection note. Of course, our final payment scheme is just as precise and reliable as each individual recycling process. Various options are possible – payment can be given either in a physical form as ingots or granules or as a financial sum in line with the current market prices. Alternatively, we can set up an account in your name in which we record the weight of the precious metal we have recovered for you and which is then paid to you whenever you request us to do so.

  • We have been accredited by the LBMA. Our silver ingots can be traded all around the world

Precious metal recovery: our very own Fort Knox

There is no safer place for your precious metals than at our facility. The whole of the building is effectively a maximum security unit – including a comprehensive 24-hour alarm and CCTV surveillance system, concrete walls, bullet-proof windows and a 5-metre fence around the whole of the grounds. Maximum security levels are implemented inside the building as well. Double-door systems have been installed throughout the facility and all doors fitted out with electronic locks. An extensive accreditation system applies to all areas of the premises. Visitors may only enter the grounds accompanied by a member of staff and a visitor’s pass must be approved and issued by at least two employees. Top security measures for your material: all incoming and outgoing materials are weighed and registered throughout the whole of the recycling and recovery process – for each individual customer and for each individual batch. All precious metals are stored in our central vault which also has an electronic lock and can only be opened by the security officer authorised to do so.

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