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Does your business generate hazardous waste or waste containing precious metals? Then REMONDIS PMR will provide you with a suitable solution in no time at all – bespoke, cost-effective and, of course, in accordance with all laws and regulations. A solution, therefore, that meets your exact wishes. Take advantage of our sector-specific offerings and ensure you get the most from the precious metals contained in your waste..

    • Precious metal processing companies

      We use state-of-the-art technology and a diverse range of processes to recover your precious metals – no matter whether they are in solid or liquid form.

    • Photo laboratories

      Using specialist procedures, we recover silver from sludge and films. Eco-friendly, efficient and to your financial benefit.

    • Graphic design & printing businesses

      No matter whether it involves valuable materials or hazardous substances – we handle all types of printing waste using environmentally sound processes.

    • Industrial businesses

      Industrial production processes generate a wide range of waste and we have recycling and disposal solutions for them all. Including recovering the precious metals.

    • Jewellers & goldsmiths

      Reliable, top quality services to meet your needs: we process old gold, for example, and achieve the highest purity levels.

    • Hospitals

      Our extensive archiving service for hospitals includes recovering precious metals as well as destroying sensitive data in accordance with the laws.

    • Crematoria

      Discretion combined with the highest standards of service: we offer crematoria bespoke concepts covering the treatment of hazardous dust and waste containing metals/precious metals.

    • Dental surgeries

      Besides recovering precious metals for dental surgeries and dental laboratories, we also handle all their other waste management needs.

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    Business locations

    We offer our services from two locations in the Netherlands.

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